University of Lousiville - Men's C Crit - Nathan Martin

What: MWCCC University of Louisville Crit

Category: Men’s C


This was a fun race! I was happy that I stayed in the front 1/4 of riders until the break, and that I was able to cause the break, do work in the break, and hang on. I also chased down attacks in the beginning, which probably wasn't smart, but I didn't want to chance a strong rider getting away.

I attacked after a rider Ohio just put in a big effort (for a prime lap I think?) and everyone had kinda sat up, which I think was the perfect move. Fergus from IU decided to work with me, and we were later bridged up by Joe from Lindenwood. I did the brunt of the work, which was not a smart decision, with Fergus also doing a good portion and Joe really suffering the whole break. Fergus and I tried to pop him, but neither of us really wanted to dedicate that much effort to it, especially when it was not 100% certain our break would make it. We then sat in and worked, and in the final few laps Kurt was telling me to be smart, so I decided to try and drop them both at the start of the final lap. In hindsight, this was not smart. I could have dropped them on the uphill for sure, the downhill wasn't the move. In doing so, I burned a match, relegated myself to third wheel, which hurt me in the final corner and sprint.

Joe was exhausted going into the final corner and allowed a gap between him and Fergus to open. This then meant I had to pass Joe, close the gap, then pass Fergus. I was able to do 2/3 objectives, but Fergus is a strong sprinter and, although I was gaining on him, I did not have enough power to pass him in such a short distance.

Overall I am happy with the result. Sucks to get three second-place finishes in a row, this is now my sixth second-place finish of all my races both collegiate and domestic, no firsts yet, but I got almost as many points as Fergus did due to prime laps and such, so I did well for the team. I was also happy with my fitness level and I feel confident that I'll be moving up to the B's soon. I think I played this well for the most part, including my positioning in the field, my movement onto different wheels when attacks were going, and my attack which formed the break. I am very pleased with my sprint as well, now I just have to set myself up better for that final sprint.

Huge thanks to all who were watching by the side either coaching me, giving me tips, cheering me on, whatever! I saw Kurt, Andrea, and Annica the most, so big thank-yous! Really fun to see that.